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Androstenedione for weight gain

A type of prohormone, Androstenedione has been used by some individuals as a method to put on muscle mass at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, as it is a steroid substance, Androstenedione can have some unhealthy side effects.

Androstenedione acts as the precursor hormone to testosterone, which is the natural hormone that helps to build muscle tissue. Another similar substance to this prohormone is DHEA. DHEA however is two steps away from testosterone while this is only one. As it is a closer precursor, it is much more effective in building muscle mass.

Some records have reported that upon taking it, individuals have seen increases in their testosterone levels from 140% to 183% after only a 50 mg dosage. If you bump this up to 100 mg, you can see increases from 210% to 240%. Obviously this would prove to be beneficial for building muscle mass.

Some of the side effects of using this however is acne on the skin, a decrease in your good cholesterol levels and potentially even prostate hypertrophy. Furthermore, some individuals will experience rage-like feelings and upon coming off of it, start losing the muscle mass they gained at a rapid pace. This then can send some people into a severe depression.

Overall, if you are looking to gain muscle mass, this will work well, however, it could be very detrimental to both your physical health and your psychological well-being.