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Hypnotism for weight loss

You may have heard about hypnosis for weight loss and how thousands of people swear by it - much the same as stopping smoking through hypnotism. But do you have any idea what it is about?

A procedure during which a health professional or researcher suggests that a client, patient, or subject experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts or behaviour. This is where hypnosis for weight loss comes in.

The hypnotic context is generally established by an induction procedure. Although there are many different hypnotic inductions, most include suggestions for relaxation, calmness, and well-being. Instructions to imagine or think about pleasant experiences are also commonly included in hypnotic inductions.

People respond to hypnosis in different ways. Some describe hypnosis as a normal state of focused attention, in which they feel very calm and relaxed. Regardless of how and to what degree they respond, most people describe the experience as very pleasant.

Hypnosis for weight loss

Hypnotism can be used to control weight loss by focusing on the causes of being overweight. A Hypnotist may be able to reprogram an individual's subconscious to reverse the behaviour that has led to the weight problem. Some hypnotists do this by connecting a negative response with the bad habit. For example, the hypnotist might suggest to your subconscious that overeating will cause nausea, or that you really do not like chocolate. If this association is programmed effectively, you will feel negative every time you think have eaten too much, and not feel compelled to by chocolate. Alternatively, the hypnotist may build up your will power, suggesting to your subconscious that you don't need fatty foods, and that healthy options are better for you.

If you think that Hypnotism would help you with your weight loss there are some self-hypnosis books available. Take a moment to have a look at our recommended Hypnotism Resources.

The Hypnosis Experience

Some people are very responsive to hypnotic suggestions and others are less responsive. A person's ability to experience hypnotic suggestions can be inhibited by fears and concerns arising from some common misconceptions. Contrary to some depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or television, people who have been hypnotised do not lose control over their behaviour. They typically remain aware of who they are and where they are, and unless amnesia has been specifically suggested, they usually remember what transpired during hypnosis. Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience suggestions, but it does not force them to have these experiences.

Hypnosis has been used in the treatment of pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems.

There are some great hypnotism practitioners out there, and a whole load of self hypnosis books and tapes if you are considering giving it a try.