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Calorie counter for burning calories

When losing weight, calorie counters can play an important part in how you keep a track on your weight loss. A good calorie calculator could therefore make life very simple for you.

If you're into your calorie counters, then different food stuffs can be found in our nutrition section.

Below you will find a very simple calorie calculator that should help you to workout the best way for you to lose some weight (or whether the exercise you are doing is not enough!!) Exercise is a great way to lose weight and get the body shape you want as it helps to increase the amount of calories that are lost daily, but just how many calories are burnt during exercise?.

Use the calculator below to find out how many calories are lost during your exercise routines. The more calories, the quicker the weight loss. The calorie calculator is a useful tool if you are measuring exactly how many calories you are currently consuming. The calculations are based on moderate exercise.

Calculate Your Calories

Select Your Exercise
Enter Duration Of Exercise (mins.)
Enter Your Weight (lbs.)

See Below For Total Calorie Results

Total Calories Burned During Exercise

If you need to convert your weight into pounds from kilos use the weight convertor provided. What are you waiting for - calculate your calorie loss.

Remember - for optimum results when exercising it is important to keep your heart rate in the Target Heart Rate Zone. Exercising more vigorously only makes a very small amount of difference in weight loss - exercising for longer is much more effective for burning calories and increased fitness.