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Diet tip

When you are on the Scarsdale plan, one diet tip that's important to keep in mind is to remember that it's only temporary.

Since this plan alternates in two weeks periods, by reminding yourself that you only need to feel restricted in food choices for a shorter period of time you may help motivate yourself to stick with it.

Another diet tip to keep in mind is that you are allowed unlimited amounts of sugar free soda. While obviously a large consumption of artificial sweeteners is likely not the best idea, having one or two a day should not do you a lot of harm and likely will help to keep hunger at bay. Since this is a fairly low calorie approach, you may start to feel the effects of reduced calorie intake so anything that can help prevent this will be useful. By using this diet tip you stand a much greater chance of not noticing the hunger than if you didn't take advantage of it.

Finally, remember that while on this program, you should try and avoid high levels of strenuous physical activity. While it's definitely a good idea to get in some exercise, doing too much could cause a loss of lean muscle tissue. Instead, focus on simply maintaining your fitness level during the two weeks that you are on the plan and then when you come off for the next period of two weeks, then you can look towards making more improvements in your conditioning level.