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Slimming product

The Scarsdale diet is a slimming product that some individuals have used to see a rapid weight loss of seven to fifteen pounds over two weeks.

Because of this fact however, when using this slimming product you really need to keep in mind that this all the weight loss may not be entirely permanent because whenever you lose such a large amount of weight over a short period of time it is usually a combination of water weight, stored glycogen and body fat.

This slimming product sets out an exact plan that you should follow in terms of what you are allowed to eat for the period of two weeks and then after that you are to switch to their 'Keep Trim Eating' for two more weeks where you can then plan your own meals using a wider selection of foods available.

From there, you can repeat this cycle, using the Scarsdale diet for two weeks then alternating it with the alternative way of eating until you reach the desired weight loss you hope to obtain.

One of the nice things about this plan is that it allows you that diet break every once in a while so for some individuals it will help keep them a lot more sane when they are trying to lose weight since they won't feel like they are always going to be eating in such a restricted fashion. If you normally tend to cheat on diets because you don't like feeling deprived, this may just be the perfect plan for you.