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Scarsdale Diet - Weight Loss Plan

The Scarsdale diet is a weight loss plan that is very detailed and outlined in what you can and cannot eat. For some individuals this is the best type of weight loss plan to go on because it will help them ensure that they are getting the exact amount of calories that they should be getting to see the scale moving the direction they want.

Below is what the weight loss plan consists of. You are to follow this diet set-up for a period of two weeks and then adopt a more moderate style of eating for another two weeks after which time you can go back to this program if you desire.

Each day you will start with coffee or tea along with ? of a grapefruit. This breakfast will remain consistent throughout the entire program.

  • Day 1

    Lunch - any amount of lean beef, chicken or fish along with a tomato salad and coffee or tea

    Dinner - broiled fish with a tomato and lettuce salad plus a grapefruit or any type of melon

  • Day 2

    Lunch - any amount of fruit salad you wish along with coffee (made without sugar)

    Dinner - Hamburger (without bread) and all the cooked vegetables you would like

  • Day 3

    Lunch - tuna salad and grapefruit or melon

    Dinner - 2 lean pork chops and a mixed green salad along with coffee

  • Day 4

    Lunch - 2 eggs, cottage cheese and 3 oz. of squash plus one piece of toast and coffee

    Dinner - Chicken (grilled or broiled, whatever your preference is as long as it does not have the skin on it), some spinach or green pepper along with coffee

  • Day 5

    Lunch - All the dry cheese you'd like along with spinach and one slice of toast

    Dinner - broiled fish along with cooked vegetables and a green salad and one piece of toast

  • Day 6

    Lunch - fruit salad and one coffee

    Dinner - broiled chicken without the skin along with a tomato and lettuce salad and one grapefruit or melon and coffee

  • Day 7

    Lunch - cold or hot chicken, tomato and lettuce salad along with again a grapefruit or melon and coffee

    Dinner - Lean beef along with a mixed salad and coffee

After completing this you will repeat the program for one more week through. In addition to the above recommendations, you are to drink 4 glasses of water or diet soda per day. You can also spice up the foods you eat by adding herbs, salt, pepper, lemon, vinegar, Worcestershire and soy sauce.