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Diets Q to Z

If you're looking for diet advice, then check out our diet plan reviews for more information on the different weight loss programmes available for you to choose from. The diet advice in this section covers diets from Q to Z, including Florida favourite the South Beach diet, well-known weight loss community Weight Watchers, and the Zone diet, which focuses on regulating your insulin levels.

Scarsdale Diet

If you are the type of person who loves following a set out dietary routine, the Scarsdale Diet is the program for you.

Slimming World Diet

If you enjoy carbohydrates, the Slimming World diet is the perfect plan as you will alternate between high-carb days and low carb days during the diet.

>> Scarsdale Diet
South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet will have you focus on eating the right types of carbohydrates, rather than cutting them out altogether.

Sugar Busters Diet

The main concept behind the Sugar Busters diet plan is to have you limiting all forms of simple carbohydrates to help to control your insulin response.

>> South Beach Diet
Sugar Addicts Diet

The main focus of the Sugar Addicts diet is to have you avoiding any foods containing this ingredient because it is believed that it will trigger a high consumption of calories.

Traffic Light diet

By categorizing foods into different categories, green, yellow and red, the Traffic Light diet provides and easy to follow menu plan.

>> Sugar Addicts Diet
Weight Watchers Diet

With a great deal of online and offline support, the Weight Watchers diet has been successful for many people.

The Zone diet

Giving you a well-rounded approach to nutrition, the Zone diet breaks your food intake to approximately 25-30% protein, 35-50% carbohydrates and the rest dietary fat.

>> Weight Watchers Diet