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Low calorie diet for weight loss

One of the reason's the Jenny Craig diet works is because it is a low calorie diet. The single most important determining factor as to whether or not you'll lose weight is how much energy you take in each day. If you are taking in less than you are burning, you'll lose weight. If you aren't, the scale will not move no matter what kinds of foods you are eating.

Jenny Craig is a low calorie diet that will specify exactly what you should be eating each day. Because it does this it prevents followers from cheating like they do on other low calorie diet programs that don't track exact food intake.

Jenny Craig also offers a wide selection of ready made meals making this control over what you are eating that much easier. Even when you prepare foods yourself there is still room for some error as far as reliability with the count is concerned. For example, 3 oz of chicken will have a certain value, but if you don't measure this, you really could be getting 5 oz. Do this each day of the week for two meals a day and you will find your weight loss is slower than you expected.

The final nice thing about this program is that there are still a lot of options to choose from when selecting their pre-made meals. While you may not get a great deal of food at least the food you do get will satisfy your tastebuds.