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High protein snacks

When starting this type of diet, you'll definitely want to find some high protein snacks to consume when hunger strikes in full force.

As more and more people are turning to low-carb diets as a way to lose weight, more high protein snacks are popping up on the market so luckily your options are quite plentiful.

First off, consider regular foods that can be eaten as snacks that will fit the protocol. For example, halved hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with dill weed would work well as would chicken or turkey breast sandwich meat rolled up in a romaine lettuce leaf and drizzled with some low-fat Italian salad dressing. If you are a fan of tuna, canned tuna makes for potentially one of the easiest high protein snacks and can be jazzed up with salsa, mustard, low fat mayo (or high fat depending on what type of particular diet you are following) or a variety of spices.

If those are not quite what you are looking for, consider creating your own recipe to meet your nutritional needs. Think of ways you can jazz up cottage cheese for a snack as this not only meets the requirements of your plan but also offers a good does of calcium as well. Try adding flavoured powder, a few slices of fresh fruit, salsa or sugar-free coffee syrups.

Lastly, if you'd like, look in the supermarket or a specialty food store for products out there that are designed for low carb diets. From pasta to cookies to various supplement bars there will more than likely be something that will meet your needs.