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High protein food

The high protein food that you'll most want to consume when using this dietary approach include lean meats, beans and legumes, dairy products as well as fish.

One of the great things about high protein food is that it induces a large thermic effect of feeding.

What this basically means is that when you eat a high protein food in comparison to one that is lower in this macronutrient, you will burn off more calories just in the digestion process. Usually this number ranges from about 20 to 25% of the total calories consumed.

So for example, let's say one person eats 100 calories worth of chicken while another person eats 100 calories of bread.

The person eating the chicken is really only going to 'net' about 75 to 80 total calories while the person who is eating the bread will net about 90-95 total calories. While this may not seem like all that much, if you consider two different diets, one that consists of 40% of this macronutrient while the other only consists of about 10%, it can make quite a difference when it comes to weight loss.

And fat, the other macronutrient, has an even lower thermic effect of feeding, ranging more around 2-3% of the total calories consumed.

When selecting the choices to eat, try and keep them as 'natural' as possible so as to avoid additional additives that have been included during processing. For example, having some lean steak would be a lot better than eating beef jerky due to the processing and salt that has been added when preparing the jerky.