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Weight loss product

The weight loss product called the Hay Diet is one that claims to help reverse any chronic and degenerative conditions like constipation, arthritis, asthma and allergies.

This weight loss product also helps to stimulate natural body mass loss, which then transfers over into a number of health benefits associated with maintaining a healthy body mass.

This weight loss product utilizes the principle of food combining and states that certain foods should be eaten together in order to promote a healthy system.

The rules of the diet are to:

  • not eat carbohydrates with protein containing foods
  • not eat starchy carbohydrates with acid fruits
  • make vegetables, salads and fruits the core foundation of your food intake
  • only have whole grain and unprocessed starch foods
  • avoid any foods that contain white flour or white sugar
  • eliminate margarine from your diet
  • try and wait at least four hours between meals before eating again,particularly if you are eating a different 'type' of food

Keep in mind though that as long as you follow these rules you don't need to track how many calories you are eating per day so portion sizes are not something to concern yourself with. For this reason, this is a good plan for those who do not like to feel hungry and prefer larger meals over small.

The drawback however is that if you want to see a reduction in body mass, you simply must consume fewer calories than you burn. There is no getting around this fact and you might very well do this naturally when following these principles however since you aren't tracking it, there is no guarantee.