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Weight loss plan

The grapefruit diet is one weight loss plan that many people have used before to lose body mass.

Whether they have kept it off is another question however rest assured, if you want to lose body mass in a hurry this program claims to do the trick.

It is not recommended however that you stay on this program for longer than 12 consecutive days and if you wish to continue on with this weight loss plan after the initial 12 day period, you are to take a two day break and then proceed forward for a second round.

While on this weight loss plan you will eat a small breakfast, lunch and dinner plus an additional snack before bed. You are allowed to drink as much black coffee and water as you'd like which is usually the one thing that dieters find keeps them going since hot liquids can give a sense of fullness.

A sample menu that you would follow would look like this:


2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, black coffee, ? grapefruit (or 8 oz. unsweetened juice)


? grapefruit (or 8 oz. unsweetened juice), salad with any type of dressing you like, any variety of meat


Salad with any type of dressing or a red or green vegetable cooked with butter, any variety of meat, coffee or tea, ? grapefruit (or 8 oz. unsweetened juice)

Bedtime Snack

8 oz. glass of tomato juice or 8 oz of skim milk

The other important rules of this diet is that you are not to omit any of the foods and are to cook your food in butter or fry it as much as you'd like. No desserts, bread products, white vegetables or sweet potatoes are allowed, however you can double up your portion sizes of meats, salad or vegetables.