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Slimming product for food combining

The slimming product being promoted on the Food Combining diet is one that is designed to help lighten the burden that your digestive system experiences. The key idea of this slimming product is that if you eat foods in specific combinations with each other than you will help to use the body's various digestive processes optimally to achieve lasting weight loss.

The slimming product claims that sugars and starches need an alkaline environment in order to be properly digested but proteins require more of an acidic environment. For this reason, when you eat them together you are going to cause problems for your body and it will take much longer to digest.

The main factors to keep in mind while on this program are to:

  • only consume fruit by itself
  • avoid eating a large volume of protein-rich food with foods that are high in starches
  • not to combine bean protein with protein that is found in dairy products or meat
  • use Pribioplus DDS Acidophilus daily (up to eight capsules per day) in efforts to increase the resilience of your digestive system
  • avoiding drinking cold water just before a meal
  • keep in mind that drinking coffee can cause a premature emptying of the stomach, which can then sometimes lead to indigestion and heartburn
  • consume green tea after meals as it's supposed to help aid the digestion process
If you follow the suggestions provided in this plan, then you should notice that you start feeling much better within a few weeks.