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Weight loss plan

The Food Combining Diet is meant to be a weight loss plan that not only optimizes how much weight you lose but also helps you feel better physically.

When you have negative reactions to food, it usually comes about as symptoms such as fatigue, gas, stomach bloating, pain or brain fog. Therefore, when you are eating foods as they should be eaten as described with this weight loss plan, these symptoms will reside.

This weight loss plan also makes specific recommendations for those who experience hypoglycemia since they typically cannot eat a lot of carbohydrates alone. For those who deal with this issue, if they eat a quick digesting food like white rice on its own, they will experience crashing blood sugar levels and that creates a lot of problems as well.

Therefore, it will be hard to eat these foods without eating others along with it to balance out this problem, however that then goes against the food combining principles. What the diet recommends is for these individuals to try and eliminate fruit from their diet so they don't have a problem with that type of food and then also try to add a very small amount of protein or fat rich food with the carbohydrates. This will help them so they don't get that crash but then they can also still stick to the diet as closely as possible.

The program additionally recommends using digestive enzymes with each meal to help minimize the reaction that you will see from combining the foods if you must.