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Fit for life recipe

While looking for a Fit For Life recipe, keep in mind that you are only really going to be eating meals during certain parts of the day therefore you likely won't even been needing to find a Fit For Life recipe for the breakfast meal. Most of your eating will take place from noon until eight p.m. in the evening.

During the earlier part of the day you'll just consume fruit and water so that's easy enough to do. It is against the rules of the diet to mix the fruit with other foods so trying to incorporate the fruit into a Fit For Life recipe is not going to work.

Then the rest of the day you will get to have your choice of what to eat so the possibilities are quite numerous. The only protocol that you must follow at the lunch and dinner meal is that you don't mix vegetables with other foods that are rich in carbohydrates. So for example, a steak with some stir-fried vegetables would work well as would plain pasta with a cheese sauce. Placing vegetables in the cheese sauce however would not be appropriate.

So when searching for ideas, look for a dish that is protein and vegetable based or strictly carbohydrates and fat or protein without any vegetables. Dairy products can also be incorporated in with either meal if you wish.