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Fit for life program

When you go on the Fit For Life Program the basic principle you follow is that it is more important when you are eating than what you are eating. This makes the Fit For Life program not so much a diet so to speak but a way of eating.

There are not a lot of food requirements when on the Fit For Life program such as controlling your total calorie intake or carefully monitoring your intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There are however rules that state which foods must be eaten with which foods. You simply cannot eat whatever you like at any time because doing so causes a great deal of problems within the body.

While on this plan, you'll only be able to eat fruit up until lunch and then will consume mostly vegetables and meat during the remainder of the day. You can have carbohydrate rich foods, however if you do, you'll need to consume them within the hours of noon and eight p.m. and cannot eat them with any vegetables.

The creator of this program, Harvey Diamond, explains that some foods serve to 'cleanse' the body while others will 'clog' it. It is avoiding the foods that clog it that you must try and do in order to feel and function your best. By eating as he describes in his book you will hopefully accomplish this.

Finally, on this approach you will be instructed to avoid any simple sugars other than those found in fruit as they are believed to ferment and produce acids when consumed, particularly on their own.