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Diets A to C

If you're looking for diet information, our reviews can help you find out more about a range of weight loss programmes. In this section we cover diet information on diets from A to C, including well-known programmes such as the Atkins diet, and diet information on some lesser-known diets such as the Blood Type diet, as well as classic weight loss programmes including Calorie Restriction.

Abs Diet

The abs diet is a program that focuses on having you eat a variety of foods such as fish, lean meat, whole grains, nuts, healthy oils, fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products.

Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet has recently changed from what was once known as a 'steak and eggs' plan to being more inclusive, focusing on lean protein sources and health fats.

>> Abs Diet
Blood Type Diet

After determining if you are an A, B, AB or O, the Blood Type diet will have you eating certain types of foods that will work with your body to ensure weight loss.

Body Clock diet

By working with your natural daily rhythms, the Body Clock diet helps you lose weight by eating the right foods at the right time.

>> Blood Type diet
Body for Life

One of the more popular diets out there, the Body For Life plan focuses on eating non-processed carbohydrates, health fats and plenty of lean protein.

Cabbage Soup diet

If you are looking for rapid weight loss, the Cabbage Soup diet is designed to give you just that.

>> Body for Life
Calorie Restriction diet

When on the Calorie Restriction plan you will limit your intake of food in order to promote weight loss and to also slow down the aging process.

curves Plan

With thousands of centres around the world, the Curves Plan takes a moderate, relaxed approach to weight loss.

>> Calorie Restriction diet