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Body for life book

The Body For Life book is written by creator of the diet, Bill Phillips and details a twelve week diet and exercise program designed to help you achieve lasting weight loss. Bill Phillips himself was a former competitive bodybuilder so he understands the in's and out's of sound nutrition when looking to change your body composition.

In his Body For Life book he makes use of a variety of different methods for speeding along weight loss. Some of these are an increased protein intake, reducing portion sizes and eating more frequently. The Body For Life book explains why these factors are so important for both weight loss and maintenance and the role that various foods can play on the way your body feels and functions.

You'll receive a list of approved protein rich foods such as skinless chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites and cottage cheese along with a list of approved carbohydrate rich foods like brown rice, whole grain bread and pasta, potatoes, oatmeal and fruit. Vegetable consumption on this diet is highly encouraged as is supplementation with healthy oil and nuts to get your fat intake on par with what you need.

It is also strongly recommended on this program that you drink ten cups of water per day and avoid excessive consumption of caffeinated beverages.

Finally, the program includes an exercise plan that you should follow to speed up the results and is focused around a good balance of cardiovascular and weight training activities.