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Blood type food list

Making sure you find a blood type food list is going to be critically important before starting this diet. The diet is based on the fact that those with A, AB, B and O will all react different to different meals. For this reason, it's important to prepare your meals using ingredients that will work best with your body and help you achieve an optimum weight.

The following is a blood type food list. When looking at the blood type food list, locate your category and then try as much as possible to only consume those choices that are allowed on the plan. You can have some of the limited options by really try and eat those infrequently.

O - People who do best on high protein
Consume: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit
Limited: grains, beans, legumes
Avoid: wheat, corn, kidney beans, navy beans, lentils, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, mustard greens
Most beneficial: kelp, seafood, salt, liver, red meat, kale, spinach, broccoli

A - People who should try and be vegetarian
Consume: vegetables, tofu, seafood, grains, beans, legumes, fruit
Avoid: meat, dairy, kidney beans, lima beans, wheat
Most beneficial: vegetable oil, soy foods, vegetables, pineapple

B - People who do well on a balanced omnivore
Consume: meat (no chicken), dairy, grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit
Avoid: corn, lentil, peanuts, sesame, seeds, buckwheat, wheat
Most Beneficial: greens, eggs, venison, liver, licorice, tea

AB - People who do well on a mixed diet
Consume: meat, seafood, dairy, tofu, beans, legumes, grains, vegetables, fruits
Avoid: red meat, kidney beans, lima beans, seeds, corn, buckwheat
Most Beneficial: tofu, seafood, dairy, greens, kelp, pineapple