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Eat right for your blood type

The whole purpose behind this diet is to eat right for your blood type.

According to the authors, when you eat right for your blood type your body will react to the foods in an appropriate way and weight loss will not be nearly as difficult. On top of that, you'll likely feel a lot better too because you'll be creating a favourable environment in your body.

The diet plan separates all four variations out into categories and lists which foods are to be eaten, which foods should be avoided and which will be the most helpful for weight loss. Then, as long as you can follow these guidelines and be sure to still consume fewer calories than you burn per day, you'll lose weight. There are no other specific rules such as food combining or only eating at certain times of the day or so on. It's all about making basic food choices that work well with your metabolism.

One thing to keep in mind if you do decide to go on this plan however, is that you may want to consider supplementing with a multivitamin to ensure that you do not become deficient in major nutrients. Since you may be cutting out certain products, dairy for example, the supplement will keep your health in check.