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Low carb food

When going on the Atkins Diet, low carb food will become the staple of your diet.

Most people, when thinking of low carb food and Atkins, automatically think of bacon, eggs and steak. While it's definitely true that these choices are high in protein and fat, they are not the only ones that would be considered low carb food.

Great options to consume while you are on the Atkins diet include chicken breast, turkey, white fish, salmon, nuts, oils, cheese, fibrous vegetables, avocado's and nut butters. All of these have healthier sources of fat that will not cause near the problems of the former choices that are usually associated with this plan.

Furthermore, do not neglect to eat plenty of leafy vegetables, as these will supply you with many vitamins you need. They are very low in calories and therefore will not influence weight loss to a large extent. Drizzling some olive oil salad dressing over some spinach leaves and chopped walnuts makes for a terrific lunchtime meal.

Do keep in mind as well that you don't necessarily want to overdue your protein intake because when you consume too much protein, the body will convert this to glucose through a process called gluconeogensis. This means that for every 100 grams of protein extra above your needs you take in, you will end up with 58 grams of glucose in the blood. This is obviously not what you want while following this dietary approach so once you've met your protein needs, add the remaining calories as fat.