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Sports nutrition for improved performance

When thinking about sports nutrition, the two main important factors are getting enough carbohydrates to provide fast burning energy as well as providing plenty of protein for muscular repair. Additionally, when coming up with a sports nutrition plan, be sure to really focus in on the pre and post workout meals, as these are what will really help you see progress with your training.

Amino Acids

By eating foods that are high in protein such as red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products you can be sure you are meeting your needs for amino acids.


Working in a similar manner to DHEA, Androstenedoine is a precursor to the muscle building hormone, testosterone.

>> Amino Acids

The sports nutrition product, creatine, is one of the most popular as it allows you to work out harder for a greater duration of time, thereby seeing physical gains faster than you normally would.

Sports Drinks

By taking in some sports drinks, you can help to maintain your electrolyte balance of sodium and potassium which is necessary to promote healthy muscle energy levels and nerve transmission.

>> Creatine
Energy Bars

Consuming an energy bar before participating in vigorous physical activity can help to increase performance so long as it does have some protein in it and does not have a large amount of fructose.

Weight Gain

There are a variety of weight gain products out there to choose from to help you pack on the pounds so read more here.

>> Energy Bars

A very popular joint-support product, glucosamine is often taken by athletes, those with individuals or workers who perform repetitive movements on a daily basis.


An essential macronutrient for the body, protein intake needs to be met if muscle tissue is to be maintained and repaired.

>> glucosamine
Whey protein

Adding in whey protein powder to your beverages and baked goods or sprinkling it over your desserts is the perfect way to get more of this nutrient in your diet.


>> Whey protein