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Glucosamine for healthy joints

One of the popular supplements taken for joint health, glucosamine is formed in the body when glucose is combined with an amino acid. Once this process has taken place, then it will be used to help build cartilage and keep connective tissue healthy.

Glucosamine will also play a role in joint mobility and support so it is a great option for those who participate in activities that demand a high range of movement. It also helps to provide some lubrication for the joint so it can reduce some of the pain that those with arthritis suffer from. Glucosamine is absorbed by the body at a very fast rate - much more rapidly than other joint support products, therefore making it the number one choice among many.

Most often it is athletes and bodybuilders who are taking the product however anyone can take it as a preventative treatment if they suspect they may run into joint problems down the road. It is not dangerous to take at all so there is no worry about that aspect of things. Furthermore, anyone who works in an occupation where there is a lot of repetitive movement can also benefit from this product.

The most effective dosage of this supplement seems to be 500 mg taken three times per day along with a balanced diet.