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Childhood obesity advice & information

As time goes on, childhood obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. Couple together the fact that portion sizes are going up and physical activity is going down and it's no wonder why we are dealing with a childhood obesity epidemic.

In order to combat childhood obesity, the first measure that needs to be taken is diet. While physical activity definitely is important, an hour spent outside doing this activity can easily be 'eaten away' in a matter of minutes when this individual then enters a fast food restaurant. The youth of today will make much better strides at managing their weight if they would focus on more non-processed foods in their diet and less fast or convenience types of foods.

Further, avoiding soda at all costs is absolutely essential. This is a beverage that has zero nutritional value and contains a very high amount of fructose. Since the body only has a limited storage capacity for fructose and after that is full it will begin converting excess into body fat, the extra large 'supersize' beverages pose a really big problem. Simply eliminating these would probably produce very nice results.

All in all, encouraging younger individuals to try and be more active and focus on eating only when they are hungry would really help to beat this problem and reduce the future costs on our health care system.