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Cause of obesity information

While it is difficult to pinpoint just a few causes of obesity, there are some major ones that definitely play the largest role.

Likely one of the biggest causes of obesity for many people is portion sizes. While we definitely do want to focus on nutrient dense foods, regardless of what you eat, if you eat too many calories you will gain weight. Therefore, when portion size is drastically increased, so is caloric value and this is what then creates a real problem.

Another one of the top causes of obesity is the amount of processed and snack food that is available today. In the earlier times we ate a much more unrefined diet and this created a steady stream of energy being delivered to our system. Now, when we eat all the processed snack foods that are out there, we experience a great energy rush followed by a drastic crash. This crash then leads us to wanting more processed, energy-dense foods and the cycle continues itself. Getting back to the old way of eating, where most of the foods consumed came straight from the ground, would be a very good step in preventing weight gain in the first place.

Finally, lack of physical movement in today's automated world also has us burning fewer and fewer calories each day. If we do not reduce our food further in order to compensate for this, these extra calories must be stored in the body as excess body fat.