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Nutrition in foods Spj-Sz

Select the foods you are interested in from the links below. The descriptions will help you navigate the list to quickly find the nutrition information you are interested in.

Sponge cake Description: (commly prep)
Sponge cake Description: (prep from recipe)
Spot Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Spot Description: (raw)
Spring scallion onions Description: (raw)
Sprouted lentils Description: (raw)
Sprouted mung beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Squab Description: ((pigeon), lt meat wo/skin, raw)
Squab Description: ((pigeon), meat only, raw)
Squid Description: (mixed species, raw)
Squid Description: (mxd sp, cooked, fried)
Squirrel Description: (cooked, roasted)
Stagg classic chili Description: (w/beans, canned entree)
Stagg country chili Description: (w/beans, canned entree)
Stagg dynamite chili Description: (w/beans, canned entree)
Stagg ranchhouse chili Description: (w/beans, canned entree)
Stagg silverado chili Description: (w/beans, canned entree)
Starburst chews Description: (fruit)
Straw mushrooms Description: (canned, drained sol)
Strawberries Description: (canned, hvy syrup pk, sol&liquids)
Strawberries Description: (frozen, sweetened, sliced)
Strawberries Description: (frozen, sweetened, whole)
Strawberries Description: (frozen, unsweetened)
Strawberries Description: (raw)
Strawberry flavour bev mix Description: (powder)
Strawberry flavour bev mix Description: (powder, prep w/ wholemilk)
Strawberry ice cream Description: (reg)
Strawberry mini wheats Description: (kellogg's)
Strawberry shake Description: (fast fd, strawberry)
Strawberry Description: (toppings)
Striped bass Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Striped bass Description: (raw)
Striped mullet Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Stroganoff sauce Description: (dehyd, dry)
Strudel Description: (apple)
Sturgeon Description: (mxd sp, cooked, dry heat)
Sturgeon Description: (mxd sp, raw)
Submarine sandwich Description: (w/cold cuts)
Succotash Description: ((corn&limas), cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Sucker Description: (white, raw)
Sugar apples Description: ((sweetsop), raw)
Sugar free chewing gum Description: (sugarless)
Sugar Description: (maple)
Sugared doughnuts Description: (cake type, plain, sugared or glazed)
Sukfured apples Description: (dried, stewed, wo/ sugar)
Sun country granola Description: (almonds, quaker)
Sun dried tomatoes Description: (sun dried)
Sunfish Description: (pumpkin sd, cooked, dry heat)
Sunfish Description: (pumpkin seed, raw)
Sunflower oil Description: (oleic (70%&over))
Sunflower oil Description: (vegetable, linoleic (less than 60%))
Sunflower oil Description: (vegetable, linoleic, (60%&over))
Sunflower seed butter Description: (w/salt)
Sunflower seed butter Description: (wo/salt)
Sunflower seed flour Description: (part defatted)
Sunflower seed kernels Description: (dried)
Sunflower seed kernels Description: (dry roasted, w/salt)
Sunflower seed kernels Description: (dry roasted, wo/salt)
Sunkist fruit roll Description: (strawberry, w/vitmns a, c, &e)
Sunrise Description: (general mills)
Surimi Description: (reg)
Swamp cabbage Description: ((skunk cabbage), raw)
Swamp cabbage Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Swamp cabbage Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Sweet cherries Description: (raw)
Sweet onions Description: (raw)
Sweet peppers Description: (green, raw)
Sweet pickle relish Description: (sweet)
Sweet sour sauce Description: (dehyd, dry)
Sweetcorn Description: (white, raw)
Sweetcorn Description: (yellow, raw)
Sweetpotato leaves Description: (cooked, stmd, w/salt)
Sweetpotato leaves Description: (cooked, stmd, wo/salt)
Sweetpotato leaves Description: (raw)
Sweetpotato Description: (canned, mashed)
Sweetpotato Description: (canned, syrup pk, drained sol)
Sweetpotato Description: (canned, syrup pk, sol&liquids)
Sweetpotato Description: (canned, vacuum pk)
Sweetpotato Description: (cooked, baked in skin, w/salt)
Sweetpotato Description: (cooked, baked in skin, wo/salt)
Sweetpotato Description: (cooked, boiled, wo/ skin)
Sweetpotato Description: (cooked, boiled, wo/skin, w/salt)
Sweetpotato Description: (cooked, candied, home prepared)
Sweetpotato Description: (frozen, cooked, baked, w/salt)
Sweetpotato Description: (frozen, cooked, baked, wo/salt)
Sweetpotato Description: (frozen, unprep)
Sweetpotato Description: (raw)
Swiss cheese Description: (low fat)
Swiss cheese Description: (reg)
Swiss cheese Description: (ork & beef w/ swiss cheese smoked)
Swordfish Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Swordfish Description: (raw)
Syrups Description: (corn, dk)
Syrups Description: (corn, high fructose)

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