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Nutrition in foods Sh-Sor

Look through the links below to find the food you want nutrition information on. The descriptions will help you navigate the list to find the food you want.

Shad Description: (american, cooked, dry heat)
Shad Description: (american, raw)
Shallots Description: (freeze dried)
Shallots Description: (raw)
Shark fin soup Description: (rest prep)
Shark Description: (mixed species, raw)
Shark Description: (mxd sp, cooked, batter dipped&fried)
Sheanut oil Description: (vegetable)
Sheepshead Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Sheepshead Description: (raw)
Shellie beans Description: (canned, sol & liquids)
Sherbet Description: (orange)
Shiirake mushrooms Description: (cooked, w/salt)
Short grain rice Description: (white, cooked)
Shortcake Description: (biscuit type, prep from recipe)
Shortribs beef Description: (rib, ln only, choic, raw)
Shredded wheat miniatures Description: (kellogg's)
Shredded wheat Description: (plain, sugar & salt free, single brand)
Shredded wheat Description: (presweetened, single brand)
Shredded wholewheat Description: (presweetened, single brand)
Shrimp soup Description: (cream of, canned, prep w/eq volume h2o, comm)
Shrimp Description: (breaded&fried)
Shrimp Description: (mixed species, raw)
Shrimp Description: (mxd sp, cooked, moist heat)
Shrimp Description: (mxd sp, imitn, made from surimi)
Sirloin burger soup Description: (w/vegetable, rts, single brand)
Sirloin Description: (loin, tri tip steak, ln, 1/4" fat, all grds, raw)
Sisymbrium seeds Description: (whole, dried)
Skim milk mozzarella Description: (part skim milk)
Skimmed milk yogurt Description: (plain, 13 grams prot per 8 oz)
Skipjack tuna Description: (fresh, cooked, dry heat)
Skipjack tuna Description: (fresh, raw)
Skittles Description: (original bite size)
Smacks Description: (kellogg's)
Small end rib Description: ((ribs 10 12), ln&fat, 1/4"fat, choic, cooked, roasted)
Small end rib Description: (beef, (ribs 10 12), ln&fat, 1/4"fat, prime, cooked, brld)
Smart start Description: (kellogg's)
Smelt Description: (rainbow, raw)
Smoked cisco Description: (smoked)
Smoked cured ham Description: (lo salt, ln, cooked)
Smoked haddock Description: (smoked)
Smoked link sausage Description: (pork)
Smoked link sausage Description: (pork&beef, flr&nonfat dry milk)
Smoked link sausage Description: (pork&beef, nonfat dry milk)
Smoked sablefish Description: (smoked)
Smoked salmon Description: (chinook)
Smoked sausage Description: (beef, cured, cooked)
Smoked sausage Description: (smoked link sausage, pork & bf)
Smoked sturgeon Description: (mxd sp)
Smoked turkey breast Description: (lemon pepper flavour, 97% fat free)
Smoked turkey Description: (lt or dk meat, cooked, skin, bone removed)
Smoked turkey Description: (lt or dk meat, cooked, w/skin, bone removed)
Smooth peanut butter Description: (smooth style, w/salt)
Snack crackers Description: (std snack type, reg)
Snacks Description: (corn based, extrdd, puffs or twists, cheese flavour, unenr)
Snacks Description: (corn based, extruded, chips, unsalted)
Snacks Description: (potato chips, restructured, fat free, made w/olestra)
Snacks Description: (tortilla chips, nacho flavour, made w/enr masa flr)
Snail Description: (raw)
Snap beans Description: (canned, all styles, seasoned, sol&liquids)
Snapper Description: (mixed species, raw)
Snapper Description: (mxd sp, cooked, dry heat)
Snapple Description: (snapple kiwi strawberry cocktail, rtd)
Snickers Description: (reg bar)
Sockeye salmon Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Sofrito sauce Description: (prep from recipe)
Soft pretzels Description: (soft)
Sokol Description: (solo poppy sd filling)
Solitaires Description: (golden almond, hershey)
Solitaires Description: (golden almond, hershey)
Sorghum syrup Description: (reg)

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Having knowledge of food calorie, pilates exercise and the South Beach diet can help you with your weight loss... for good!