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Nutrition in foods Q

Choose the food you want to know more about from the list of links below. You can use the descriptions to help you navigate the list to find the information you need.

Quail breast Description: (meat only, raw)
Quail egg Description: (whole, fresh, raw)
Quail Description: (cooked, total edible)
Quail Description: (meat and skin, raw)
Quail Description: (meat only, raw)
Quaker oat bran Description: (prep w/h2o, no salt)
Queen crab Description: (cooked, moist heat)
Queen crab Description: (raw)
Queso anejo Description: (mexican cheese)
Queso asadero Description: (mexican, cheese)
Queso chihuahua Description: (mexican, cheese)
Quinces Description: (raw)
Quinces Description: (raw)

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