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Nutrition in foods Ph-Pop

Choose the food you want nutrition information on from the list of links below. You can use the descriptions to help you navigate to the food you are interested in.

Pheasant breast Description: (meat only, raw)
Pheasant leg Description: (meat only, raw)
Pheasant Description: (cooked, total edible)
Pheasant Description: (ugh)
Pickle relish Description: (hamburger)
Pickle relish Description: (hot dog)
Pickle Description: (cucumber, swt, lo na)
Pickled beets Description: (canned, sol&liquids)
Pickled cucumber Description: (sour)
Pickled eggplant Description: (reg)
Pickled olives Description: (canned or bottled, grn)
Pigeon peas Description: ((red gm), mature seeds, cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Pigeon Description: ((squab), meat&skin, raw)
Pignola pine nuts Description: (dried)
Pike Description: (northern, raw)
Pilinuts canarytree Description: (dried)
Pimento Description: (canned)
Pina colada Description: (canned)
Pine nuts Description: (pignolia, dried)
Pineapple grapefruit juice Description: (canned)
Pineapple juice Description: (frozen conc, unsweetened, undil)
Pineapple upsidedown cake Description: (prep from recipe)
Pineapple Description: (raw, all var)
Pineapple Description: (toppingss)
Pink beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Pink beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Pink beans Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Pink lemonade Description: (frozen conc, prep w/h2o)
Pink lentils Description: (raw)
Pink salmon Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Pinto beans Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Pinyon pine nuts Description: (dried)
Pistachio nuts Description: (dry roasted, w/salt)
Pistachio nuts Description: (raw)
Pita bread Description: (white, enriched)
Pita bread Description: (white, unenr)
Pitanga Description: ((surinam cherry), raw)
Plain baked beans Description: (canned, plain or vegetarian)
Plain biscuits Description: ((or buttermilk), commly baked)
Plain doughnuts Description: (cake type, plain (incl unsugared, old fashioned))
Plain matzo Description: (crackers)
Plain muffins Description: (prep from recipe, made w/lofat (2%) milk)
Plain pretzels Description: (hard, made w/unenr flour, unsalted)
Plain rolls Description: (dinner, commly prep (incl brown and serve))
Plain shortbread Description: (commly prep, plain)
Plain tortilla chips Description: (plain)
Plain yogurt Description: (lofat, 12 grams prot per 8 oz)
Plantains Description: (cooked)
Plantains Description: (raw)
Plum sauce Description: (ready to serve)
Plums Description: (raw)
Poached egg Description: (whole, cooked)
Podded peas Description: (edible, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Poi Description: (reg)
Pokeberry shoots Description: ((poke), cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Pokemon Description: (kellogg's)
Polish sausage Description: (beef w/ chicken hot)
Polish sausage Description: (pork)
Pollock Description: (atlantic, raw)
Pollock Description: (walleye, raw)
Pomegranates Description: (raw)
Pompano Description: (florida, raw)
Pop tarts Description: (kellogg's, blueberry)
Popcorn cakes Description: (cakes)
Popcorn Description: (air popped)
Popcorn Description: (oil popped)
Poppy bagels Description: (plain, toasted, enr, w/ca prop (incl onion, poppy, sesame))
Poppy seed Description: (reg)
Poppyseed oil Description: (vegetable)

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