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Nutrition in foods N

Look over the list below to find the nutrition information on your favourite foods. Use the descriptions to help you pinpoint the food you are looking for.

Nacho tortilla chips Description: (nacho flavour)
Nachos Description: (w/cheese)
Napa cabbage Description: (cooked)
Natto Description: (reg)
Navy beans Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Nectarines Description: (raw)
Nedjool dates Description: (medjool)
Nesquick chocolate Description: (general mills)
Nestum Description: (prep w/h2o)
Neufchatel cheese Description: (reg)
New england clam Description: (chowder, canned, cond, comm)
New zealand spinach Description: (raw)
Non fat milk Description: (fluid, prot fort, w/ vit a (fat free/skim))
Noodles Description: (chinese, cellophane or long rice (mung beans), dehyd)
Noodles Description: (egg, cooked, enr)
Noodles Description: (egg, spinach, dry, enr)
Noodles Description: (japanese, soba, dry)
Nopales Description: (raw)
Northern lobster Description: (cooked, moist heat)
Nougat Description: (reg)
Nutmeg butter oil Description: (veg)
Nutmeg Description: (ground)
Nutri grain cereal bars Description: (mxd berry, kellogg's)
Nutri grain Description: (wheat)
Nuts in syrup Description: (toppings)

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