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Nutrition in foods M-Md

Search the list of links below to find nutrition information on your favourite foods. The corresponding descriptions will help you navigate the list to find what you are looking for.

Macadamia nuts Description: (raw)
Macaroni cheese Description: (canned)
Macaroni Description: (cooked, unenr)
Mace Description: (ground)
Mackerel jack Description: (canned, drained sol)
Mackerel Description: (atlantic, raw)
Mackerel Description: (pacific&jack, mxd sp, cooked, dry heat)
Malabar spinach Description: (cooked)
Malt beverage Description: (reg)
Malt syrup Description: (reg)
Malted drink mix Description: (choc, powder, prep w/ wholemilk)
Maltex Description: (cooked w/ h2o, w/ salt)
Maltex Description: (cooked w/ h2o, wo/ salt)
Maltex Description: (dry)
Mammy apple Description: ((mamey), raw)
Mangos Description: (raw)
Mangosteen Description: (canned, syrup pk)
Manhattan style Description: (soup, clam chowder, dehyd, dry)
Maple syrup Description: (reg)
Maraschino cherries Description: (canned, drained)
Marble cake Description: (dry mix, pudding type)
Margarine butter blend Description: (60% corn oil margarine&40% butter)
Margarine spread Description: (approx 48% fat, tub)
Margarine spread Description: (fat free, tub)
Marjoram Description: (dried)
Marmalade Description: (orange)
Marquez primera shred beef Description: (grn chili&mont jack cheese burrito, frozen)
Mars bar Description: (almond)
Marshmallow cream Description: (toppings)
Marshmallows Description: (reg)
Martha white foods Description: (martha white's art blueberry muffin mix)
Martha white foods Description: (martha white's buttermilk biscuit mix, dry)
Martha white Description: (chewy fudge brwnie mix, dry)
Martini Description: (prepared from recipe)
Mash potatoes Description: (home prepared, wholemilk & margarine added)
Mashed potatoes Description: (home prepared, wholemilk & butter added)
Mashed potatoes Description: (home prepared, wholemilk added)
Mature french beans Description: (raw)
Mature pigeon peas Description: ((red gm), raw)
Mature seed lentils Description: (cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Mature seed lima beans Description: (lrg, cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Mature seed lupins Description: (cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Mature seed mung beans Description: (raw)
Mature seed mungo beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Mature seed peas Description: (split, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Mature split peas Description: (cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Mature split peas Description: (g no chol)
Mayonnaise salad dressing Description: (mayo & mayonnaise type, lo cal)
Mayonnaise Description: (red cal or diet, chol free)
Maypo Description: (cooked w/ h2o, w/ salt)
Maypo Description: (cooked w/ h2o, wo/ salt)
Maypo Description: (dry)

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