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Nutrition in foods L

Choos the food you want nutrition information on from the links below. There are descriptions available to help you navigate the list and find the foods you are interested in.

Ladyfingers Description: (w/lemon juc&rind)
Ladyfingers Description: (wo/lemon juc&rind)
Lamb chop Description: (aus, imp, fresh, leg, sirloin chops, bnless, ln, 1/8"fat, raw)
Lamb rib Description: (aus, imp, fresh, ln&fat, 1/8"fat, cooked, roasted)
Lamb shoulder Description: (aus, imp, fresh, arm, ln&fat, 1/8"fat, cooked, brsd)
Lamb sirloin Description: (dom, leg, ln&fat, 1/4"fat, choic, cooked, roasted)
Lamb Description: (dom, leg, shank half, ln&fat, 1/4"fat, choic, raw)
Lambs quarters Description: (raw)
Lambs quarters Description: (raw)
Laver seaweed Description: (laver, raw)
Leek soup Description: (dehyd, prep w/h2o)
Leeks Description: ((bulb&lower leaf portion), raw)
Leg of lamb Description: (dom, shank half, ln&fat, 1/8"fat, choic, cooked, roasted)
Lemon danish pastry Description: (unenr)
Lemon grass Description: ((citronella), raw)
Lemon juice Description: (raw)
Lemon lime soda Description: (carbonated bev)
Lemon meringue pie Description: (commly prep)
Lemon peel Description: (raw)
Lemon pie Description: (fried pies,)
Lemon pudding Description: (dry mix, inst)
Lemon Description: (raw, with peel)
Lemon Description: (de powder)
Lemonade Description: (frozen conc, pink)
Lentil ham soup Description: (canned, rts)
Lentils Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Lentils Description: (sprouted, cooked, stir fried, w/salt)
Lentils Description: (sprouted, cooked, stir fried, wo/salt)
Lettuce Description: (butterhead (incl boston&bibb types), raw)
Lettuce Description: (grn leaf, raw)
Light beer Description: (lt)
Light rye flour Description: (light)
Light sour cream Description: (light)
Lima beans Description: (immat seeds, raw)
Lima beans Description: (thin seeded (baby), mature seeds, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)
Lime juice Description: (raw)
Limeade Description: (frozen conc)
Limeade Description: (frozen conc, prep w/h2o)
Limes Description: (raw)
Ling Description: (raw)
Lingcod Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Lingcod Description: (raw)
Liqueur Description: (coffee w/crm, 34 proof)
Liqueur Description: (coffee, 53 proof)
Liqueur Description: (coffee, 63 proof)
Litchis Description: (raw)
Liver cheese Description: (pork)
Liver sausage Description: (liverwurst, pork)
Liver Description: ((beef), cooked, brsd)
Liver Description: ((beef), raw)
Liver Description: ((lamb), raw)
Liver Description: (urst spread)
Lo cal lemonade Description: (w/asprt, powder)
Lobster Description: (northern, raw)
Lobster Description: (spiney, mxd sp, cooked, moist heat)
Lofat granola Description: (raisins, kellogg's)
Loganberries Description: (frozen)
Long grain rice Description: (white, parboiled, unenr, cooked)
Longans Description: (raw)
Loquats Description: (raw)
Lotus root Description: (raw)
Lotus seeds Description: (raw)
Low cal carbonated bev Description: (lo cal, cola, w/asprt, wo/caffeine)
Low calorie cola Description: (cola or pepr, w/ na sacc, contains caffn)
Low calorie lemonade Description: (w/asprt, powder, prep w/h2o)
Low calorie mayonnaise Description: (low cal)
Low fat chedder cheese Description: ((or colby))
Low fat cheese Description: (cream, low fat)
Low fat cottage cheese Description: (1% milkfat)
Low fat cottage cheese Description: (1% milkfat, lactose red)
Low fat cottage cheese Description: (1% milkfat, no na)
Low fat milk Description: (fluid, 1% milkfat, prot fort, w/ vit a)
Low fat monterey Description: (cheese, low fat)
Low fat muenster Description: (cheese)
Low fat peanut flour Description: (low fat)
Low fat soy flour Description: (low fat)
Low fat tortilla chips Description: (unsalted)
Low fat yogurt Description: (fruit, 11 grams prot per 8 oz)
Low salt corn flakes Description: (low na)
Low salt milk Description: (fluid)
Lucky charms Description: (general mills)
Luncheon meat Description: (beef, loaved)
Luncheon meat Description: (jellied, beef, cured)
Luncheon sausage Description: (pork&bf)
Luncheon slices Description: (meatless)
Lungs Description: ((lamb), raw)
Lupins Description: (mature seeds, raw)
Luxury loaf Description: (pork)

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