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Nutrition in foods J

Choose the food you want information on from the links below. Descriptions will help you to navigate to the foods you are interested in.

Jackfruit Description: (canned, syrup pk)
Jackfruit Description: (raw)
Jalapeno peppers Description: (raw)
Jam Description: (dietetic (with na saccharin), any flavour)
Japanese soba noodles Description: (cooked)
Japanese somen noodles Description: (cooked)
Java plum Description: ((jambolan), raw)
Java plum Description: ((jambolan), raw)
Jelly Description: (red sugar or no sugar, home preserved)
Jellybeans Description: (reg)
Jellyfish Description: (dried, salted)
Jerusalem artichokes Description: (raw)
Jews ear Description: ((pepeao), raw)
Jimaca Description: ((yambean), raw)
Jujube Description: (raw)
Just right fruit nut Description: (kellogg's)
Just right Description: (crunchy nuggets)
Jute Description: (potherb, raw)

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