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Nutrition in foods I

Search the links below to find nutrition information on the food you are interested in. The descriptions will help you navigate to the food you want.

Ice cream cones Description: (cake or wafer type)
Ice cream Description: (choc)
Ice milk Description: (vanilla, soft serve, w/cone)
Iceberg lettuce Description: ((incl crisphead types), raw)
Imburger Description: (reg)
Imitation cheese Description: (american or cheddar, lo chol)
Immature hot peppers Description: (chili, grn, canned, chili sau)
Immature pigeonpeas Description: (raw)
Immature seed lima beans Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Indian frybread Description: ((navajo))
Infant formula Description: (carnation follow up, w/ iron, liq conc, not recon)
Infant formula Description: (mead johnson, prosobee, w/iron, liq cnc, not rec)
Instant coffee Description: (decaffeinated, powder, prep w/h2o)
Instant decaf coffee Description: (instant, powder)
Instant gravy Description: (dry)
Instant oats Description: (fort, plain, dry)
Instant oats Description: (fort, plain, prep w/ h2o)
Irish soda bread Description: (prep from recipe)
Irishmoss seaweed Description: (irishmoss, raw)
Irishmoss seaweed Description: (mi. reg)
Italian bread Description: (reg)
Italian salad dressing Description: (comm, reg)
Italian sausage Description: (swt links)

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