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Nutrition in foods H

Find the food you want nutrition information on using the links below. Descriptions are available to help you find what you are looking for.

Haddock Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Haddock Description: (raw)
Halavah Description: (plain)
Halibut Description: (atlantic&pacific, raw)
Halibut Description: (greenland, raw)
Ham cheese sandwich Description: (plain)
Ham cheese spread Description: (reg)
Ham Description: (pork leg, fresh, rump half, ln&fat, cooked, roasted)
Hamburger rolls Description: ((or hotdog), mixed grain)
Hamburger Description: (reg, double patty, plain)
Hamburger Description: (reg, double patty, w/condmnt)
Hamburger Description: (reg, single patty, plain)
Hamburger Description: (reg, single patty, w/condmnt)
Hamburger Description: (reg, single patty, w/condmnt&veg)
Hard boiled egg Description: (whole, cooked)
Hard pretzels Description: (plain, made w/unenr flour, salted)
Harmony Description: (general mills)
Harvard beets Description: (canned, sol&liquids)
Hash brown Description: (frozen, plain, prep)
Hashbrown Description: (frozen, w/butter sau, unprep)
Hashed brown Description: (frozen, plain, unprep)
Hashed brown Description: (frozen, w/butter sau, prep)
Hazelnut oil Description: (vegetable)
Hazelnuts Description: (dry roasted, wo/salt)
Hazelnuts Description: (reg)
Headcheese Description: (pork)
Heart Description: ((beef), raw)
Heart Description: ((lamb), raw)
Hearts of palm Description: (canned)
Hearts of palm Description: (canned)
Herring Description: (atlantic, raw)
Herring Description: (pacific, raw)
Hickorynuts Description: (dried)
Hoisin sauce Description: (rts)
Hollandaise sauce Description: (w/butter fat, dehyd, dry)
Homemade pasta Description: (made w/egg, cooked)
Hominy Description: (canned, white)
Honey crisp corn flakes Description: (quaker)
Honey crunch corn flakes Description: (kellogg's)
Honey frosted mini wheats Description: (kellogg's)
Honey graham Description: (quaker)
Honey nut cheerios Description: (general mills)
Honey nut chex Description: (general mills)
Honey nut clusters Description: (general mills)
Honey nut heaven Description: (quaker)
Honey nut oats Description: (quaker)
Honey puffed kashi Description: (kellogg's)
Honey roasted almonds Description: (unblanched)
Honey smoked ham Description: (cooked)
Honey Description: (reg)
Honeydew melon Description: (raw)
Horse Description: (cooked, roasted)
Horseradish Description: (prepared)
Hot chilli peppers Description: (grn, raw)
Hot dog rolls Description: ((or hamburger) ,plain)
Hot fudge sundae Description: (reg)
Hotdog Description: (plain)
Hummus Description: (commercial)
Hummus Description: (home prep)
Hungarian peppers Description: (raw)
Hush puppies Description: (prep from recipe)
Hush puppies Description: (reg)
Hyacinth beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Hyacinth beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, wo/salt)

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