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Nutrition in Foods E

Use the links below to find nutrition information on the food of your choice. The descriptions will help you navigate to exactly the food you are looking for.

Eastern oyster Description: (canned)
Eastern oyster Description: (wild, raw)
Eclairs Description: (custard filled w/choc glaze, prep from recipe)
Edam cheese Description: (reg)
Edible podded peas Description: (raw)
Eel Description: (mixed species, raw)
Eel Description: (mxd sp, cooked, dry heat)
Egg bread Description: (reg)
Egg custard pie Description: (commly prep)
Egg custards Description: (dry mix)
Egg custards Description: (dry mix, prep w/ 2% milk)
Egg custards Description: (dry mix, prep w/ wholemilk)
Egg matzo Description: (crackers)
Egg noodles Description: (cooked, enr, w/ salt)
Egg roll Description: (dinner)
Egg substitute Description: (frozen)
Egg substitute Description: (liquid)
Egg substitute Description: (powder)
Egg white Description: (dried)
Egg yolk Description: (dried)
Egg yolk Description: (raw, fresh)
Eggnog flavour mix Description: (powder)
Eggnog flavour mix Description: (powder, prep w/ wholemilk)
Eggnog Description: (reg)
Eggo Description: (kellogg's, banana bread waffles)
Eggplant Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Eggplant Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Eggplant Description: (raw)
Elba toast Description: (plain)
Elderberries Description: (raw)
Elk Description: (cooked, roasted)
Elk Description: (ground, cooked, pan broiled)
Elk Description: (loin, ln, cooked, brld)
Elk Description: (rnd, ln, cooked, brld)
Emu fan fillet Description: (raw)
Emu flat fillet Description: (raw)
Emu full rump Description: (cooked, brld)
Emu full rump Description: (raw)
Emu Description: (fan fillet, cooked, brld)
Enchilada Description: (cheese & beef)
Enchirito Description: (cheese, beef, beans)
Endive Description: (raw)
Energy drink Description: (w/ caffeine, niacin, panto acid, vit b6 & b12)
English muffin Description: (w/butter)
English muffins Description: (mixed grain (incl granola))
English muffins Description: (plain, enr, w/ca prop (incl sourdough))
English muffins Description: (wheat)
English muffins Description: (whole wheat)
Enoki mushrooms Description: (raw)
Enriched noodles Description: (egg, dry)
Enriched semolina Description: (enriched)
Epazote Description: (raw)
Eppaw Description: (raw)
Escarole soup Description: (canned, rts)
Espresso coffee Description: (brewed, rest prep)
Espresso Description: (dry, powder, w/whtnr&lo cal swtnr)
European turbot Description: (european, cooked, dry heat)
Evaporated milk Description: (canned, nonfat)

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