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Nutrition in Foods D

Choose the foods you want nutrition information on from the links below. Descriptions are available to help you pinpoint the food you are interested in.

Daiquiri Description: (canned)
Dandelion greens Description: (raw)
Danish pastry Description: (cinnamon, unenr)
Dark rye flour Description: (dark)
Dates Description: (deglet noor)
Deer Description: (cooked, roasted)
Dehydrated bananas Description: (or banana powder)
Dessert topping Description: (powdered)
Dessert wine Description: (dry)
Dessert wine Description: (swt)
Diced turkey Description: (lt&dk meat, seasoned)
Diet mayonnaise Description: (lo na)
Dietetic syrups Description: (reg)
Dill pickles Description: (cucumber)
Dill pickles Description: (cucumber)
Dill weed Description: (dried)
Disney hunny bs Description: (kellogg's)
Dk coffee beans Description: (choc coatd)
Dock Description: (raw)
Dolphinfish Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Dolphinfish Description: (raw)
Dove Description: (cooked (incl squab))
Dried acorns Description: (dried)
Dried apples Description: (sulfured, stewed, w/ sugar)
Dried apricots Description: (sulfured, uncooked)
Dried apricots Description: (ree seeds)
Dried buttermilk Description: (reg)
Dried cranberries Description: (sweetened)
Dried japanese persimmons Description: (dried)
Dried litchis Description: (reg)
Dried longans Description: (reg)
Dried lotus seeds Description: (reg)
Dried mixed fruit Description: ((prune&apricot&pear))
Dried mushrooms Description: (shiitake,)
Dried parsley Description: (dried)
Dried peaches Description: (dried, sulfured, stewed, w/ sugar)
Dried pears Description: (sulfured, uncooked)
Dried peppers Description: (pasilla)
Dried safflower seed kernels Description: (dried)
Drum Description: (freshwater, cooked, dry heat)
Drum Description: (freshwater, raw)
Dry macaroni Description: (enr)
Dry noodles Description: (egg, unenr)
Dry roasted almonds Description: (w/salt)
Dry roasted cashew nuts Description: (wo/salt)
Dry roasted macadamia nuts Description: (wo/salt)
Dry roasted mixed nuts Description: (w/peanuts, wo/salt)
Dry roasted peanuts Description: (all types, w/salt)
Dry roasted pecans Description: (wo/salt)
Dry roasted pistachio nuts Description: (wo/salt)
Dry roaster cashew nuts Description: (w/salt)
Duck breast Description: (wild, meat only, raw)
Duck egg Description: (whole, fresh, raw)
Duck egg Description: (reg)
Duck liver Description: (domesticated, raw)
Duck Description: (domesticated, meat only, cooked, roasted)
Dungeness crab Description: (cooked, moist heat)
Durian Description: (raw or frozen)
Durum wheat Description: (durum)
Dutch brand loaf Description: (chicken, pork & bf)

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Having knowledge of food calorie, pilates exercise and the South Beach diet can help you with your weight loss... for good!