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Nutrition in foods Chicl-Cl

Use the links below to select the food you want nutritional information on. The descriptions will help you to navigate the list to find what you are looking for.

Chicory greens Description: (raw)
Chicory roots Description: (raw)
Chicory Description: (witloof, raw)
Chili beans Description: (barbeque, ranch style, cooked)
Chili beef soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Chili con carne Description: (reg)
Chili con carne Description: (w/beans, canned entr?e)
Chili hotdog Description: (reg)
Chili powder Description: (reg)
Chili with beans Description: (canned)
Chimichanga Description: (beef)
Chimichanga Description: (beef &cheese)
Chinese broccoli Description: (cooked)
Chinese cabbage Description: ((pak choi), cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Chinese cabbage Description: ((pe tsai), cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Chinook salmon Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Chips Description: (frozen, french fries par fr, cottage cut, unprep)
Chips Description: (frozen, french fries par fr, extruded, unprep)
Chips Description: (frozen, whole, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Chives Description: (freeze dried)
Chives Description: (raw)
Choc chip cookies Description: (commly prep, reg, higher fat, enr)
Choc chip cookies Description: (reg)
Choc flav rings Description: (presweetened, single brand)
Chocolate cake Description: (commly prep w/choc frstng)
Chocolate chip cookies Description: (commly prep, reg, lower fat)
Chocolate coated doughnuts Description: (cake type, plain, chocolate coated or frosted)
Chocolate creme pie Description: (commly prep)
Chocolate flavour drink Description: (mix for milk, powder, wo/ added nutr)
Chocolate flavour drink Description: (ted puffed corn)
Chocolate flavoured soda Description: (carbonated bev)
Chocolate ice cream Description: (choc, lt)
Chocolate malted drink mix Description: (powder)
Chocolate pudding Description: (choc flavour, lo cal, instant, dry mix)
Chocolate rennin Description: (choc, dry mix, prep w/ 2% milk)
Chocolate shake Description: (fast food, chocolate)
Chocolate syrup Description: (fudge type)
Chocolate syrup Description: (reg)
Chocolate wafers Description: (cookies)
Chocolate yogurt Description: (nonfat milk)
Chopped ham Description: (not canned)
Chorizo Description: (pork and beef)
Chow mein noodles Description: (chinese,)
Chrysanthemum leaves Description: (raw)
Chrysanthemum Description: (garland, raw)
Chum salmon Description: (canned, wo/salt, drained sol w/bone)
Chunky peanut butter Description: (wo/salt)
Chunky turkey soup Description: (chunky, rts)
Chunky vegetable soup Description: (canned, chunky, rts, comm)
Cider vinegar Description: (cider)
Cinnamon bagels Description: (w/raisin)
Cinnamon crunch bagged Description: (quaker)
Cinnamon danish pastry Description: (enr)
Cinnamon grahams Description: (general mills)
Cinnamon oatmeal squares Description: (quaker)
Cinnamon toast crunch Description: (general mills)
Cinnamon Description: (ground)
Cisco Description: (raw)
Clam chowder Description: (manhattan style, canned, chunky, rts)
Clam Description: (mixed species, raw)
Clam Description: (mxd sp, cooked, breaded&fried)
Clam Description: (mxd sp, cooked, moist heat)
Clams Description: (breaded & fried)
Cloves Description: (ground)
Club soda Description: (carbonated bev)

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