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Nutrition in foods Ce-Chick

Have a look at the list of links below and choose the food you want nutrition information on. The descriptions will help you to navigate the list and find exactly what you are looking for.

Celeriac Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Celeriac Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Celeriac Description: (raw)
Celery flakes Description: (dried)
Celery seed Description: (reg)
Celery soup Description: (canned, prep w/eq volume h2o, comm)
Celery Description: (raw)
Celtuce Description: (raw)
Cereal bar Description: (kellogg's nutri grain, fruit)
Chard Description: (swiss, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Chard Description: (swiss, cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Chard Description: (swiss, raw)
Chayote Description: (fruit, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Chayote Description: (fruit, cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Chayote Description: (fruit, raw)
Cheddar cheese Description: (reg)
Cheerios Description: (apple cinnamon)
Cheerios Description: (general mills)
Cheese crackers Description: (regular)
Cheese croissants Description: (reg)
Cheese danish pastry Description: (cheese)
Cheese enchilada Description: (reg)
Cheese fondue Description: (reg)
Cheese food Description: (imitation)
Cheese food Description: (past process, swiss)
Cheese popcorn Description: (cheese flavour)
Cheese puffs Description: (& twists, corn bsd, lofat)
Cheese sauce Description: (cheese sau mix, dry)
Cheese sauce Description: (prep from recipe)
Cheese soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Cheese spread Description: (cream cheese base)
Cheese sub Description: (mozzarella)
Cheese Description: (american cheddar, imitn)
Cheeseburger Description: (lrg, double patty, w/condmnt&veg)
Cheeseburger Description: (lrg, single patty, w/condmnt&veg)
Cheesecake Description: (commly prep)
Cheesecake Description: (prep from mix, no bake type)
Cheesefurter Description: (cheese smokie, pork, bf)
Cherimoya Description: (raw)
Cherry fudge cake Description: (w/choc frosting)
Cherry pie Description: (commly prep)
Cherry pie Description: (fried pies,)
Chervil Description: (dried)
Cheshire Description: (cheshire)
Chestnuts Description: (european, raw, peeled)
Chestnuts Description: (european, raw, unpeeled)
Chestnuts Description: (european, roasted)
Chewing gum Description: (reg)
Chex mix Description: (reg)
Chia seeds Description: (dried)
Chicken bratwurst Description: (cooked)
Chicken breast roll Description: (oven roasted)
Chicken breast Description: (fat free mesq flavour sliced)
Chicken breast Description: (oven roasted fat free sliced)
Chicken broiler Description: ((or fryer), meat&skin&giblets&neck, fried, batter)
Chicken broth Description: (soup, cubes, dehyd, dry)
Chicken capons Description: (meat&skin, raw)
Chicken dumpling soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Chicken fat Description: (reg)
Chicken fillet sandwich Description: (cheese)
Chicken fillet sandwich Description: (plain)
Chicken frankfurter Description: (reg)
Chicken gravy Description: (canned)
Chicken gravy Description: (dry)
Chicken gumbo Description: (soup, canned, cond, comm)
Chicken liver pate Description: (canned)
Chicken mushroom chowder Description: (soup, chunky, rts, single brand)
Chicken mushroom soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Chicken noodle soup Description: (mix, dehyd, dry form)
Chicken pot pie Description: (frozen entree)
Chicken rice soup Description: (canned, cond, comm)
Chicken roll Description: (lt meat)
Chicken spread Description: (reg)
Chicken supreme Description: (stuffed sandwiches, lean pockets glazed, frozen)
Chicken vegetable soup Description: (canned, chunky, rts)
Chicken Description: (breaded & fried, bnless pieces, plain)
Chicken Description: (canned, meat only, w/broth)
Chicken Description: (feet, boiled)
Chicken Description: (roasting, dk meat, meat only, cooked, roasted)
Chicken Description: (roasting, giblets, raw)
Chickpea flour Description: ((besan))
Chickpeas Description: ((garbanzo beans, bengal gm), mature seeds, raw)

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