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Nutrition in foods C-Cd

Select the food you are interested in from the list of links below. Descriptions will help you navigate to the foods you are interested in.

Cabbage Description: (chinese (pak choi), raw)
Cabbage Description: (chinese (pe tsai), raw)
Cabbage Description: (common (danish, domestic, &pointed types), stored, raw)
Cabbage Description: (common, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Cabbage Description: (common, freshly harvest, raw)
Cabbage Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Cabbage Description: (japanese style, fresh, pickled)
Cabbage Description: (raw)
Caesar salad dressing Description: (reg)
Caffeine free cola Description: (wo/caffeine)
Cake flour Description: (wheat, white, cake, enr)
California oranges Description: (raw, valencias)
Camembert cheese Description: (reg)
Canadian style bacon Description: (pork, cured, grilled)
Canned apricots Description: (canned, hvy syrup pk, w/skin, sol&liquids)
Canned apricots Description: (canned, hvy syrup pk, wo/skin, sol&liquids)
Canned chicken Description: (no broth)
Canned crab Description: (blue)
Canned luncheon meat Description: (pork)
Canned mixed fruit Description: ((peach&pear&pnappl), hvy syrup, sol&liquids)
Canned potatoes Description: (drained sol)
Canned potatoes Description: (drained sol, no salt)
Canned shrimp Description: (mxd sp)
Canned turnip greens Description: (sol&liquids)
Canola oil Description: (canola and soybean)
Canola oil Description: (reg)
Cantaloupe melon Description: (raw)
Capers Description: (canned)
Capn crunch Description: (quaker)
Cappuccino coffee Description: (instant, w/sugar, cappuccino flavour powder)
Captain crunch Description: (crunchberries, quaker)
Captain crunch Description: (peanut butter crunch, quaker)
Carambola Description: ((starfruit), raw)
Caramel coated popcorn Description: (wo/peanuts)
Caramel sundae Description: (reg)
Caramello candy bar Description: (reg)
Caramels Description: (chocolate flavour roll)
Caramels Description: (reg)
Caraway cheese Description: (reg)
Caraway seed Description: (reg)
Carbonated beverage Description: (lo cal, cola or pep, w/ asprt, caf)
Carbonated drink Description: (lo cal, other than cola or pepper, w/asprt, w/caffen)
Cardamom Description: (spice)
Cardoon Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Cardoon Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Cardoon Description: (raw)
Caribou Description: (cooked, roasted)
Caribou Description: (raw)
Carissa Description: ((natal plum), raw)
Carob flavour beverage mix Description: (powder, prep w/ wholemilk)
Carob flavour Description: (beverage mix, powder)
Carob flour Description: (reg)
Carob Description: (reg)
Carp Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Carp Description: (raw)
Carrot cake Description: (dry mix, pudding type)
Carrot juice Description: (canned)
Carrot Description: (dehydrated)
Carrots Description: (canned, reg pk, drained sol)
Carrots Description: (canned, reg pk, sol&liquids)
Carrots Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Carrots Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Carrots Description: (frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Carrots Description: (frozen, cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Carrots Description: (frozen, unprepared)
Carrots Description: (raw)
Casaba melon Description: (raw)
Cashew butter Description: (plain, w/salt)
Cashew butter Description: (plain, wo/salt)
Cashew nuts Description: (oil roasted, w/salt)
Cashew nuts Description: (oil roasted, wo/salt)
Cashew nuts Description: (raw)
Cassava Description: (raw)
Catfish Description: (channel, cooked, breaded&fried)
Catfish Description: (channel, farmed, raw)
Catfish Description: (channel, wild, raw)
Catsup Description: (low sodium)
Catsup Description: (reg)
Cauliflower soup Description: (dehyd, prep w/h2o)
Cauliflower Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Cauliflower Description: (cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Cauliflower Description: (green, raw)
Cauliflower Description: (raw)
Caviar Description: (black&red, granular)
Cayenne pepper Description: (reg)

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