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Nutrition in foods B-Ba

Find info on the food you want to know about using the links below. The descriptions should help you find just what you're looking for.

Babassu oil Description: (vegetable)
Baby carrots Description: (raw)
Baby lima beans Description: (mature seeds, cooked, boiled, w/salt)
Bacon bits Description: (meatless)
Bacon tomato salad dressing Description: (bacon&tomato)
Bacon Description: (meatless)
Bacon Description: (pork, rendered fat, cooked)
Bagels Description: (egg)
Bagels Description: (oat bran)
Bagels Description: (plain, unenr, w/ca prop (incl onion, poppy, sesame))
Bagels Description: (plain, unenr, wo/ca prop (incl onion, poppy, sesame))
Baked beans franks Description: (canned)
Baked beans pork Description: (canned, )
Baked beans Description: (canned, no salt)
Baked beans Description: (home prepared)
Baked potatoes Description: (baked, skin, w/ salt)
Baked potatoes Description: (baked, skin, wo/salt)
Baked taco shells Description: (baked)
Baking chocolate Description: (m&m mars, "m&m's"milk choc mini baking bits)
Baking chocolate Description: (m&m mars, "m&m's"semisweet choc mini baking bits)
Baking chocolate Description: (unsweetened, squares)
Baking powder Description: (double acting, na al sulfate)
Baking soda Description: (reg)
Balsam pear pods Description: ((bitter gourd), cooked, boiled, drained, wo/salt)
Balsam pear pods Description: ((bitter gourd), raw)
Balsam pear pods Description: ((bitter gourd),cooked, boiled, drained, w/salt)
Balsam pear Description: ((bitter gourd), leafy tips, raw)
Bamboo shoots Description: (canned, drained sol)
Bamboo shoots Description: (raw)
Banana bread Description: (prep from recipe, made w/margarine)
Banana chips Description: (reg)
Banana cream pie Description: (prep from mix, no bake type)
Banana pudding Description: (dry mix, inst)
Bananas Description: (raw)
Barbecue loaf Description: (pork, beef)
Barbecue sauce Description: (reg)
Barley flour Description: ((or meal))
Barley malt flour Description: (reg)
Barley Description: (pearled, raw)
Barley Description: (reg)
Basic 4 Description: (general mills)
Basil Description: (dried)
Basil Description: (fresh)
Bass Description: (fresh h2o, mxd sp, raw)
Bass Description: (freshwater, mxd sp, cooked, dry heat)
Bay leaf Description: (spice)

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