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Nutrition in Foods

To find nutrition in food, select the food below that you would like nutrition information on by using the links. The descriptions should help you navigate to the food that you are looking for.

1000 island dressing Description: (fat free)
5th avenue candy bar Description: (std)
Abalone Description: (mixed species, raw)
Abalone Description: (mxd sp, cooked, fried)
Abiyuch Description: (raw)
Acerola juice Description: (raw)
Acerola Description: ((west indian cherry), raw)
Acorn flour Description: (full fat)
Acorns Description: (raw)
Adobo fresco Description: (reg)
Adzuki beans Description: (mature seeds, canned, sweetened)
Agar seaweed Description: (dried)
Alaska king crab Description: (cooked, moist heat)
Alfalfa seeds Description: (sprouted, raw)
Alfredo sauce Description: (mix, dry)
All bran bran buds Description: (kellogg's)
All bran ex fiber Description: (kellogg's)
All bran original Description: (kellogg's)
Allspice Description: (ground)
Almond butter Description: (plain, w/salt)
Almond butter Description: (plain, wo/salt)
Almond chocolate Description: (m&m mars)
Almond crunch Description: (w/raisins, healthy choice, kellogg's)
Almond danish pastry Description: (nut (incl almond, raisin nut, cinnamon nut))
Almond milk chocolate Description: (w/almonds)
Almond oil Description: (vegetable)
Almond paste Description: (reg)
Almonds Description: (dry roasted, wo/salt)
Almonds Description: (oil roasted, w/salt)
Almonds Description: (oil roasted, wo/salt)
Almonds Description: (reg)
Alpen Description: (rte)
Amaranth flakes Description: (reg)
Amaranth leaves Description: (raw)
Amaranth Description: (reg)
Anchovy Description: (european, canned in oil, drained sol)
Anchovy Description: (european, raw)
Animal crackers Description: (cookies)
Animal fat Description: (bacon grease)
Anise seed Description: (reg)
Antelope Description: (cooked, roasted)
Antelope Description: (raw)
Apple cider flavoured drink Description: (powder, lo cal, w/ vit c, prep)
Apple cider flavoured drink Description: (powder, vit c&sugar)
Apple cinnamon squares Description: (mini wheats, kellogg's)
Apple croissants Description: (reg)
Apple jacks Description: (kellogg's)
Apple juice Description: (canned or bottled, unsweetened, w/ vit c)
Apple juice Description: (canned or bottled, unsweetened, wo/ vit c)
Apple pie Description: (commly prep, enr flr)
Apple strudel Description: (apple)
Apple zaps Description: (quaker)
Apples Description: (canned, sweetened, sliced, drained, unheated)
Apples Description: (dried, sulfured, uncooked)
Apples Description: (raw, with skin)
Apples Description: (raw, without skin)
Applesauce Description: (canned, unsweetened, w/ vit c)
Applesauce Description: (canned, unsweetened, wo/ vit c)
Apricot kernel oil Description: (veg)
Apricot nectar Description: (canned, w/ vit c)
Apricot nectar Description: (canned, wo/ vit c)
Apricots Description: (canned, ex hvy syrup pk, wo/skin, sol&liquids)
Apricots Description: (canned, ex lt syrup pk, w/skin, sol&liquids)
Apricots Description: (canned, hvy syrup, drained)
Apricots Description: (raw)
Arrowhead Description: (raw)
Arrowroot flour Description: (reg)
Arrowroot Description: (raw)
Artichokes Description: ((globe or french), raw)
Arugula Description: (raw)
Asparagus soup Description: (canned, prep w/eq volume h2o, comm)
Asparagus Description: (canned, drained sol)
Asparagus Description: (raw)
Atlantic cod Description: (raw)
Atlantic mackerel Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Atlantic pollock Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Atlantic salmon Description: (farmed, cooked, dry heat)
Atlantic wolffish Description: (cooked, dry heat)
Avocado oil Description: (vegetable oil)
Avocados Description: (raw, all comm var)

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