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Food intolerance information & advice

If you suffer from food intolerances, it can be quite difficult when you shop, eat out or even go to your Nan's for Christmas dinner. Take a look through our pages on food intolerances and find out more on what you can do to help yourself on a daily basis. Also find out more about food intolerances to see if you may have one.

Fructose intolerance

In individuals who have fructose intolerance, eating any type of food that contains this carbohydrate molecule will become very damaging. Typical symptoms associated with this condition include vomiting, dehydration, fever, extreme thirst and a great deal of sweating and urination.

Glucose intolerance

Suffering from glucose intolerance is a serious issue and if you do, you need to be looked at by a doctor. Glucose intolerance can result due to hereditary reasons and will often show up as diabetes.

>>Fructose intolerance
Gluten intolerance

Those who suffer from gluten intolerance will feel very ill after eating any food products that contain wheat, rye or barley. The only way to treat this condition is to avoid any foods that contain the above-mentioned grains.

Lactose intolerance

Individuals who have trouble digesting dairy products often suffer from lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance occurs in those who do not have enough of the enzyme lactase in their body and thus the symptoms of stomach upset, gas, bloating and diarrhea result upon eating dairy products.

>> Gluten intolerance
Wheat intolerance

For those that have wheat intolerance, they will really have to read product labels to ensure they avoid foods that contain this trigger for them. Wheat intolerance is relatively slow to develop and can cause a variety of symptoms, some stronger than others.

>> Wheat intolerance