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Leg exercises

Dont overlook leg exercises as a crucial part of any fitness and weight loss plan. Considering that the longest muscles in your body are in your legs, working these muscles can help you burn a lot of calories.

Not only that, but doing leg exercises will also lead to leaner and more shapely legs.

Many women neglect leg exercises, or follow an ineffective programme, because they fear developing big bulky thighs or a large bottom. In fact, exercising this area has the opposite effect. Lean muscle is more compact than fat, so adding lean muscle will result in more toned limbs, as well as a more pert derriere.

Correct technique is important when working this area, because if performed incorrectly some exercises can put excess strain on your knees. However you shouldn't let this put you off these exercises altogether, as your knees will be quite safe as long as you perform the exercises correctly, and choose the right weights. In fact, exercising the area has been proven to increase knee stability, thus protecting you from future injury.

Some of the exercises you can incorporate into your workout include:

  • 45% leg press
  • Alternating split squat
  • Barbell box step up
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Bent knee barbell good mornings
  • Russian good mornings
  • Front squat with barbell
  • Hang clean to full squat with barbell
  • Lying hamstring curl
  • Power clean to split jerk
  • Rear lunge with barbell
  • Squat jump
For the best results, make sure you vary your routine to exercise the full range of muscles in your limbs. That way you'll avoid over-training, and improve their all round strength and shape, for the most satisfying results.