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Chest exercises

It's not only bodybuilders who can benefit from chest exercises - they can be advantageous for women too.

Don't be put off by the false idea that a muscular chest will look unwomanly - in fact they can help you maintain a more feminine physique. Many women discover that overall weight loss can lead to them going down a bra size - the one area of their bodies that they didn't want to get any smaller.

However, developing the muscles in your chest, through chest exercises can not only help to rectify this problem, it can lead to an even more impressive bosom than you had before, by naturally increasing uplift.

To grow and develop this part of the body, the best strategy is to select exercises that will work your pectoral muscles (pecs) from different angles. This will ensure you're working out to the muscles' full range. Here are some more tips to bear in mind before you start exercising your pectoral muscles:

Warm up properly first

Perform 5-10 minutes of light cardiovascular exercise, followed by two sets of 10 - 12 repetitions, using 40% of the full weight you will use for your pectoral exercises.

Good technique

Make sure you learn the correct lifting form and technique, and stick to it for every repetition.


Don't repeat the same one or two exercises at the same level every time you work out. Instead, vary your pectoral exercises.


Keep your abdominal muscles engaged.


Protect your back by keeping your lower back pressed close to the bench you're working on.


Whenever you press away from your chest, breathe out at the same time as you push the bar away from your body.


For safety, ask someone to spot you whenever possible.

Once you've made pectoral exercises a regular part of your workout routine, you'll soon begin to see the benefits to your overall fitness and appearance.