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Back exercises

Don't forget about yourupper and lower back exercises,just because you can't see it?!.

Your upper and lower back contains the largest muscle group in your body, and plays a major role in supporting your entire skeleton. Back exercises can have a dramatic effect on your overall physical appearance, by improving your posture, as well as protecting your body from injury. It can also help to improve your balance, as more agile muscles can react more quickly to a loss of stability, and good balance can be a great asset, particularly in later life.

What's more, upper and lower back exericese can engage thoseslarge group of muscles by helping you burn a significant number of calories, enabling you to reach your weight loss goals.

Here are some resistance exercises you can include in your programme to develop your back muscles:

  • Wide grip lat pull-down
  • One-arm dumbbell rows
  • Barbell back rows
  • Neck rows
  • Back extensions
  • Upright barbell rows
  • Seated back rows
When performing these exercises, it's important to warm up first, and to remember to stretch afterwards. This will not only increase the effectiveness of the workout itself, it will also help to prevent injury from overworking the area. It's also a good idea to change and rotate the exercises in your routine, to ensure you are working a range of different muscles, increasing your overall strength.

Another good option for developing strength and flexibility in this area is to choose a holistic exercise programme such as yoga or pilates. These forms of exercise focus on developing the whole body, with particular emphasis on core strength. This means that they focus heavily on the muscles of the torso that support your body and improve posture.

However you choose to exercise this part of the body, the outcome will be a significant improvement to your overall strength, balance and appearance. Because even if you can't see it, everyone else can!