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Arm exercises

Flabby arms are a universal bug bear and with arm exercises they can help but they are a tricky area to lose weight from.

The best way to deal with the problem is through exercising them with as serious of arm exercises targeting both triceps and biceps . It is hard to lose weight from one specific area of the body, because you burn calories from all over your body at once.

Genetics also play a part in the shape of your body so if you have bulky arms it may be down to your body type. However, toning the muscles with arm exercises can make a significant difference to their appearance.

Some cardiovascular machines such as cross-trainers enable you to work the arms at the same time as you work your legs and raise your heart rate. If you want to focus your workout on this area there are several resistance-based exercises you can do to target these muscles. Single-joint movements are the best option. Some examples of these are curls and tricep kick-backs. By placing direct stress on the bicep and tricep muscles, you can firm them up more quickly. It's best to focus the exercises most on the tricep muscle at the back of your arm, because these muscles make up two thirds of the muscles in that area. Working the upper arm is also important, as these exercises can also help to improve other parts of your upper body, and contribute to an all round toned and healthy appearance.

Make sure you use a variety of exercises in different combinations to tone the bicep and tricep muscles. If you find the muscles aren't developing as you'd like, this may be down to a lack of variation in your programme. Ringing the changes will not only prevent over-training, it will also ensure you work the full range of muscles in that area, leading to a better result.