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Body weight loss tools

Here you will find all the body weight loss tools you need to help you find out more about whether you are overweight, your height and weight and even a target heart rate for your workouts.

So from working out your BMR to your BMI, you can even sort your body fat thanks to our weight loss tools. So try them out and bookmark this page for more tools in the near future.

BMI Calculator :

Workout whether you are underweight, overweight or obese based on your height and weight. Not advisable for pregnant women or bodybuilders.

BMR Calculator :

Do you know how many calories are required just to sustain life in a resting state? Your BMR is based on your height, weight and age!

Body Fat Calculator:

Use this calculator to help workout the percentage of body fat you are carrying based on likely values for your height and weight.

Height & Weight Charts :

A simple table that shows you at a glance, based on your height and weight, whether you are clinically overweight or underweight - or just right!

Target Heart Rate :

Make sure you know what your Target Heart Rate Zone is in order to most effectively work out when you're next in the gym.