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Herbal weight loss

When you're looking for herbal weight loss products, it pays to do your research.

While there are numerous herbal weight loss products on the market, their effectiveness, and safety, varies greatly.

Herbal weight loss products work in different ways, so check the details before you make a purchase.

Adios slimming pill
Say goodbye to fat with the Adios slimming pill? That's what the manufacturers want you to believe - read on to find out the truth.

>> Adios slimming pill
An essential mineral, chromium has been subject of many claims - read on to find out the low down.

>> Chromium
Herbal Weight Loss
One of the best know companies in the market, Herbalife sell a range of natural weight loss products.

>> Herbalife
Long known as a suppressant, Hoodia is now commercially available, with many finding it useful in weight loss.

>> Hoodia
Chromium picolinate
If you ignore the lurid claims, chromium picolinate can be affective as an appetite suppressant.

>> Chromium picolinate
Antioxidants Xenadrine
One of the leading weight loss supplements in the US, Xenadrine claims to boost your metabolic rate and thus burn more calories.

>> Xenadrine
Scientifically proven to help you feel full, Zotrim is one of the most popular weight loss products on the market.

>> Zotrim