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Online Diet Plans

For 24:7 access to information and support, online diet plans are an ideal choice. With many of us spending so much time connected to the internet, it makes sense to use that resource to help manage weight loss too.

The advantages of online diet plans are their accessibility, their privacy and their capacity to create a tailor-made programme. Public weigh-ins and peer pressure are not for everyone, but with online diet plans you can have the support of a group such as WeightWatchers, while maintaining anonymity.

Biggest Loser Club

Compare your weight loss with others to motivate you to lose weight.

Diet Watch

This site helps you either choose healthy meal options or other brands of popular diets.

>> Biggest Loser Club

This is a flexible resource that allows you to choose from twenty four online programs.

Food diary

This tool is invaluble as it helps you record everything you eat so you can lose weight.

>> eDiets
GetFit Nutrition

The experts at GetFit can help you set your weight loss goals.


Don't be restricted by traditional diet plans and try this online diet.

>> GetFit Nutrition
Online counters

Monitor your daily food intake with calorie counters online.

Tesco diets

This offers you another option to help integrate weight loss into your lifestyle.

>> Online calorie counters
Weight Watchers Diet

Now you can find the popular Weight Watchers diet online if you want to lose weight.

>> Weight Watchers Diet